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Studies Examine Climate Change Threat Level, Recalculate Carbon Budget

Absent efforts well beyond those described in the Paris Agreement—to limit warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit that increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius—climate change could pose a deadly threat to most humans by century’s end. This finding was suggested by an international group of climate science…

Life at the Southern Limits of New Zealand

Rakiura / Stewart Island is the southern-most inhabited point of New Zealand. Here, islanders carve out an existence for themselves among the harsh but beautiful environment.

Making an Impact on Marine Debris through Education

The following is a blog post by Marie Kowalski, Learning Specialist at Shedd Aquarium, about the important role of education in reducing marine debris and plastic pollution.   Take a moment to look around. How many items can you see right now that are made at least partly with plastic? Cell phones, pens, toothbrushes, buttons and…

Do Mountain Lions Rival McDonald’s?

Stinky dead meat. Oddly, I’ve come to love the stench of it, even though it sometimes turns my stomach. It’s become a badge of honor and a symbol of what I do, hiking long days in search of prey killed by mountain lions. Sometimes the stink helps me locate the carcass, or the sounds of…

Reaping What You Sow: The Upside to Conserving Water Even as Your Rates Rise

By Chelsea Hawkins and Mary Ann Dickinson There’s something counter-intuitive about paying more for water even as you use less of it.  If, for example, you used less data than your cell phone plan allowed, you wouldn’t expect your bill to go up.  But the comparison of water to data for your phone service misplaces…

Slow Conservation and Slow Journalism Converge in the Pamirs of Central Asia

It’s 5 p.m., and the sun’s last rays cast a golden glow on an empty road in the eastern Pamirs of Tajikistan. This route was once the Silk Road plied by merchants, nomads, and pilgrims and later by British and Russian soldiers and agents engaged in the territorial contest between Britain and Russia known as…

Science for Conservation at the Edge of an Erupting Volcano

What strange things might happen when you embark on a trip to film and photograph penguin and cormorant conservation efforts?

Tequila sunrise, or Floreana sunrise, a story of hope for humanity

Imagine yourself, at the break of dawn, sitting at the highest point of othe Galápagos Archipelago, one of the most remote inhabited group of islands in the world. Very few people will have in their lifetime the opportunity to see and feel nature as alive as I did one day while sitting on the edge…

Sea Turtle “Washbacks” on Florida’s Coastline: What you can do to help

In the days following Hurricane Irma, Florida has slowly started the cleanup process. Roads are cleared off, electricity is slowly making its way back into households, and trees are trimmed up. However, for Florida wildlife, the cleanup process is a little more difficult… and the 2017 Hurricane Season isn’t over just yet. Irma’s Impact on Florida’s…

Conservation in Changtang: Securing a Future for the Snow Leopard

In early 2015, WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) and Panthera initiated a joint project to fill the gaps in understanding about the conservation status of snow leopards and to implement appropriate actions to protect them in China. Particular emphasis is being paid to the animals in the Changtang landscape of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Here they share a day’s conservation work with local colleagues.

Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week #105

Wild Bird Trust presents the 105th Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs! This week we showcase a wide diversity of birds including four different species of bulbul. We hope you enjoy this selection and keep on exploring and capturing the wonderful diversity of birds that our world has to offer. To be in the running for…

Senate Approves Funding for U.N. Climate Agency; House Votes on Funding for Methane Rule

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted 16 to 14 to approve an amendment to restore funding for the United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in a spending bill for the State Department, setting up a negotiation with the House over its version of the State funding bill, which does not fund the U.N. climate agency. “[This]…

Climate Change Survival: Choose Your Own Adventure

We are at a point today where every decision we make counts in deciding what America’s climate change story will be–including the fundamental decision of how we tell climate change stories.

Preserving and Deciphering Ancient Rock Art in Texas

Ingenious research has revealed the hidden meaning in paintings more than 4,000 years old.

Origins of a Mysterious Arachnid Revealed

Reconstructing schizomid history in Micronesia led us to tackle the most fundamental questions about these animals, namely, what are they, where did they come from, and when did they arise?