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With Clinton in Africa

We woke up in our luxury airliner to the smell of coffee. The crew served breakfast before touching down in Malaga, Spain, for fuel.

The second leg of the flight sped us over Libya and the Sahara Desert toward the setting sun.

On the ground in Addis Ababa we boarded buses directly from the aircraft. A member of the advance team told us that President Clinton was waiting for us in the hotel restaurant. It was already past midnight in Ethiopia, seven hours ahead of New York time.

“What a nightmare for you,” Clinton said when we finally caught up with him. “We’ve been working hard to bring you to us.”

The staff briefed us about the program for the day. We had about five hours to sleep and then we were to accompany the delegation to a rural clinic. From there we would go directly to the airport for an afternoon program in Rwanda.

I spent one of the five hours in the hotel business center trying unsuccessfully to access my email and upload to my blog.