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Clinton Announces AIDS Initiative in Senegal


Dakar, Senegal–The final stop in Africa lasted only a few hours.

Essentially we flew here to listen to President Clinton and others make an announcement about new guidelines to treat infants born with HIV.

 Read the National Geographic News story about it.


Senegal 1.jpg

An observer of the goings on at the health center in Dakar, Senegal, where Clinton and others made their announcement about treatment of infants with HIV.

Photo by David Braun/NGS

Senegal 2.jpg

Members of the press corps in Senegal crowd around a speaker to tape the speeches.

Photo by David Braun/NGS


The journalists who accompanied Bill Clinton on his 2008 Africa tour. Behind us is the “Flying Palace,” the Boeing 707 that brought us to Africa in style.

Photo courtesy Justin Sullivan