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Rhino Calf Needs Five Gallons of Milk a Day — By Bottle


Ramir, a 6-week-old Indian rhinoceros, is bottle-fed more than a gallon of milk five times per day. He is the 58th Indian rhinoceros born at San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park since 1978, making the Park the foremost breeding facility in the world for this endangered species, according to a news statement by the zoo.


The calf is seen in this picture in the process of downing three bottles of milk, handed to him by Wild Park keeper Marcia Diehl.

The rhino weighs 350 pounds, up from 150 pounds at birth.

“Ramir was born December 23 to a first-time mother that was not producing enough milk and was not attentive to the newborn,” San Diego Zoo said in the statement. “A cold spell during his first few days led to hypothermia. Veterinarians and keepers intervened and have been caring for him since.”


Photo taken February 3, 2009, by Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park


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