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Laughing Kookaburra Chicks Fledge from Zoo Nest

A trio of laughing kookaburra chicks fledged from their nest this week at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo’s McCormick Bird House. The chicks are the first offspring for an adult pair that arrived at the zoo in 2003.


Kookaburra photo courtesy Lincoln Park Zoo

“The chicks, which have yet to be sexed or named, hatched in late April,” The zoo said in a statement accompanying these pictures. “They have recently started voicing their iconic namesake chuckling ‘koo koo koo kaa kaa kaa’ vocalization that family members sing together.”

Laughing kookaburras, a member of the kingfisher family, are native to Australia. “They are believed to pair-bond for life. Fledgling kookaburras generally remain with their parents to help care for the subsequent clutch. Mature offspring feed and protect their siblings before moving on to nests of their own,” Lincoln Park Zoo said.


Kookaburra photo courtesy Lincoln Park Zoo