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Video: Beware the botfly

By James G. Robertson, National Geographic Digital Media

A New York Times story yesterday brought this video to our attention, which we found both fascinating and disturbing.

Wildlife filmmaker Vanessa Serrao returned from Belize with a special souvenir after she was bit on the head by a mosquito carrying a botfly egg, according to reporting by the Times.  As a wildlife filmmaker, she took the opportunity to film her husband removing the larva from her scalp.  The resulting video has been viewed more than 200,000 times on YouTube, not including the video on her own Web site.

Serrano says in the video that the botfly uses a process called phoresy to reproduce.  The botfly lays eggs on a mosquito, which hatch when near the body heat of a potential host.  The larva drops off the mosquito, burrows under the host’s skin and feeds there for about a month before tunneling out again and transforming into an adult botfly.

Watch the video…if you dare!