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Pumpkin time at New York’s Zoos

Bronx Zoo and other zoos in New York City know how to lay on a party for their animals. Halloween is too good an opportunity to miss.

Zoo photographer Julie Larsen Maher frequently submits photos for our “Zoo News” feature on this blog. Halloween 2009 is no exception.

The animals were photographed in the Bronx Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, Central Park Zoo,  and the New York Aquarium–all operated in the New York area by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Here is a selection of some of Julie Larsen’s Halloween photos:


Central Park Zoo is presenting “Boo at the Zoo–an extreme Halloween extravaganza,” today and tomorrow. “Creatively costumed characters, craft-making, and treats for the animals will make this a frighteningly fun weekend,” the Zoo said in a news release. The many events celebrating the holiday include “trick-or-treating animals redefining what we consider Halloween goodies … Polar bears, snow monkeys, and Rain Forest and Tisch Children’s Zoo residents digging into pumpkins that are filled with all sorts of treats, from corn-on-the-cob to bamboo to fish.”

Photo of snow leopard with pumpkin at central Park Zoo by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of ananconda with pumpkin by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of meerkats and pumpkin by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of radiated tortoise exploring Halloween snack by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of Andean bear demolishing pumpkin by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of leaf insect by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of octopus and pumpkin by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of pumpkin and Madagascar hissing cockroaches by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of saki monkey eyeing a pumpkin by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of porcupine at Halloween by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of king vulture at Halloween by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of lace monitor at Halloween by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of Surinam horned frog at Halloween by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of python at Halloween by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of sea lion at Halloween by Julie Larsen Maher


WCS photo of Pallas’s cat at Halloween by Julie Larsen Maher

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