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San Diego Zoo panda 100 days old and ready to be named (picture)

One hundred days old today and weighing in at 12.5 pounds, San Diego Zoo’s panda cub marked a milestone by cutting his first two teeth–the lower canines–near the front of his mouth.

baby-panda-picture-5.jpg“The discovery came during a weekly veterinary exam on Thursday. The black-and-white bear’s teeth have been pushing at the gums for the last few exams, and the animal care staff expects more teeth to break through very quickly,” the zoo said in a caption accomloanying the release of this photo.

The male cub is two feet long from head to tail.

Following Chinese tradition, pandas go unnamed until they reach 100 days, thre zoo said. To announce the panda’s official name, the zoo will host a public naming ceremony on Tuesday.

Photo taken November 12, 2009, by Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo.

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