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Gorilla born in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (PHOTO)

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park in Florida has a new attraction–a newborn western lowland gorilla, the third gorilla born at the theme park.

The gorilla, whose gender is still unknown, is doing well and has already become an integral member of the gorilla family group which includes first-time mother, Kashata, father Gino, and two other females, Benga and Hope, Walt Disney World said in a news release accompanying this photo.


Photo of Kashata and her new baby courtesy of Walt Disney World

“Kashata has been a model mother from the moment the baby was born,” said Matt Hohne, animal operations director for Disney’s Animal Programs. “She immediately knew how to properly hold the baby and her nursing skills have been exemplary.”

Since Kashata has been holding the baby close to her body, animal keepers have yet to determine the baby’s gender, Disney said. “Most gorilla mothers keep their offspring close for several months while the baby adjusts to the environment. In addition, gorilla babies typically nurse for approximately 12 months and may be weaned between the ages of four and five,” Disney added.

The birth of the new baby, which is yet to be named, is part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Species Survival Plan which manages genetic diversity among species through detailed records of individual animals. Disney’s Animal Kingdom also participates in AZA Species Survival Plans for several other animals, including elephants, cotton-top tamarins and okapi.

Aside from breeding activities, Disney’s Animal Programs is active in gorilla conservation in other areas. These include providing staff expertise for the creation of the first rescue and rehabilitation center in eastern Africa for orphaned gorillas to ultimately reintroduce them back into the wild, an effort funded by the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.

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