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Meet the worm snail, an animal that sticks itself to tidal rocks

Biscayne National Park, Florida–A worm snail is an animal that looks like spaghetti stuck to a rock. It’s one of the more interesting species found today in the bioblitz in Biscayne National Park, Florida.

Biscayne Bioblitz 2010.jpg

Some 150 scientists and 1,500 volunteers and students swarmed over the park’s 172,000 acres to catalog every species on land, sea, and air.

Gustav Paulay, Curator of Marine Malacology at Florida Museum of Natural History, headed for Elliott Key, an island in the middle of the park. There, on Pleistocene rock in the tidal zone he found a number of fascinating animals, including the worm snail.

Watch the video to hear him describe his find and his work:

Posted by David Braun

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