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Melissa Etheridge Announces Partnership With Alexandra Cousteau and Water Expedition

New York–At her New York City show last night Melissa Etheridge rocked the United Palace Theater and peppered her performance with an environmental message. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter announced support for Alexandra Cousteau’s 14,500-mile, five-month tour dedicated to documenting water stories from around North America.

Photo by Tasha Eichenseher


Photo by Mark Spencer


Photo by Mark Spencer


Cousteau opened the show for Etheridge, engaging the crowd on the importance of critical water issues.

“Our water is our most important life support system, and I’m so proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Melissa Etheridge and encourage all of you to be part of the solution,” Cousteau said.

Photo by Tasha Eichenseher


During the show, Etheridge took time to explain her commitment, saying she has been advocating for a healthy planet for a long time, especially since her bout with cancer several years ago.

“My life has certainly been a series of awakenings and considering everything happening in the Gulf, now more than ever, we need to pay closer attention to the vital role water plays in the balance of things,” Etheridge said in a statement about her partnership with Cousteau and the Blue Planet Expedition tour.

“Water is more than just a connection to our ecosystem; it’s how we connect to our children and future generations. I want to encourage friends, concert-goers and fans to join us on the path to preserve our water systems.”

In 2006 Etheridge wrote the Oscar-winning song “I Need to Wake Up” for Al Gore’s climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth.

Etheridge and Cousteau will meet up again on the road this summer for three more concerts–in San Francisco, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

National Geographic is the primary media sponsor of the Blue Planet Expedition, which is sponsored by the Royal Bank of Canada.

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Tasha Eichenseher is the Environment Producer and Editor for National Geographic Digital Media. She has covered water issues for a wide range of media outlets, including E,The Environmental Magazine, Environmental Science & Technology online news, Greenwire, Green Guide, and National Geographic News.

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