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Director of Port Fourchon Says We Dodged a Bullet With BP Oil Spill

By Tasha Eichenseher

Chet Chaisson, the son of a shrimper who grew up fishing and hunting in the coastal marshes of Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, is now the director of Port Fourchon–the launchpad for over half of the drilling activity and more than 90 percent of all deepwater production in the Gulf.

“This is the largest oil service port in Louisiana, if not the U.S.,” explained Chet, when we met him at the port today.


Photograph by Oscar Durand/Expedition Blue Planet

Nothing stands stills there. Huge freighters, oil tankers and other trucks, helicopters, and security vehicles kept a constant hum. One 18-wheeler had the words “Too blessed to be stressed” scripted on the cab.

Chet has an interesting perspective on the spill, as someone who helps to orchestrate the Gulf’s oil economy, and now the spill recovery.

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Coverage of Expedition Blue Planet is part of a special National Geographic News series on the global water crisis.