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Thanksgiving Pumpkin Time at New York Zoos (Photos)

Whenever there is a holiday, we can count on our good friend Julie Larsen Maher, photographer at the Wildlife Conservation Society zoos in New York, to rise to the occasion. There’s always something fun going on at the WCS zoos.

We sent Julie a note this week to ask what’s been planned for the animals for Thanksgiving. She sent these photos. The animals have no idea of Thanksgiving, of course, but they do appreciate the opportunity to have some fun and something interesting to eat.

To enjoy the photos more, click on each image to enlarge it.

All photos by Julie Larsen Maher, courtesy of WCS.

_Julie Larsen Maher 5647 Wild Turkey Franklin PPZ 10 14 10.JPG

_Julie Larsen Maher 7008 Andean Bears with Pumpkins QZ 10 21 10.JPG

_Julie Larsen Maher 7860 Amur Tiger Cubs in Fall Leaves 10 28 10.JPG
_Julie Larsen Maher 7871 Amur Tiger Cubs in Fall Leaves 10 28 10.JPG
Thumbnail image for _Julie Larsen Maher 7929 Amur Tiger Cubs in Fall Leaves 10 28 10.JPG
Julie Larsen Maher 0028 Grizzly Bear with pumpkin 11 17 04.JPG
Julie Larsen Maher 0183 Surinam Horned Frog with Pumpkin BZ 10 06 08.JPG

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