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Calving Season in Full Swing at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Just a week after Mother’s Day we find ourselves overwhelmed with calves and new mothers at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. I counted 11 bison calves this morning and passed by two curious musk ox calves and one caribou calf on my early morning tour around the AWCC campus. I share below, recent photos taken by our staff photographer and artist, Doug Lindstrand. Doug is a renowned Alaskan wildlife photographer and an author of several books including an illustrator’s manual for drawing native Alaskan and other North American game species.  I should note that with 11 wood bison calves we raise the number of individuals in our herd of endangered wood buffalo, the largest herd in the U.S., to 100 animals. They are due to be released into the Interior of Alaska in 2013.  The bottom two photos are of a caribou calf and bison calf (photos taken by Doug Lindstrand).

wood bison calf (photo by Doug Lindstrand)
Endangered wood bison cow and calf, AWCC (photo by Doug Lindstrand)
Musk ox cow and calf, AWCC (photo by Doug Lindstrand)


Jordan Schaul and Doug Lindstrand (photo by Kelly Miller)