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The Beauty and Meaning of an Ancient Art Form

The annual All Roads Film Festival has begun here at NG headquarters, and indigenous and minority filmmakers from around the world have gathered to share their stories and celebrate their cultures. (Follow the All Roads Blog for more details about each film, or get a sneak peek from Pop Omnivore.)

In addition, people featured in the films are in attendance, and yesterday Josephine Seymour (seen in “GRAB“) was outside demonstrating traditional Pueblo of Laguna pottery making from the southwestern part of New Mexico.

View the gallery above to learn about the ancient techniques, rich symbolism, and deep spirituality behind the creation and enjoyment of this timeless art form. Then look for parallels in your own life, culture, and traditions and see just how your path meets up with all roads.


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  1. Patara Padungsuntatraruk
    Songkhla, Thailand
    September 18, 2011, 1:18 pm

    Pure and Simple