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10th Anniversary of My Decimal Birthday

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Today is my birthday. I was born over a month premature on November 7th, 1973. I suppose the stork ran or rather flew out of gas and may have crash-landed several weeks early.

Every year, on or near this day of celebration or recognition, I contemplate whether my birthday is deserving of the same attention as the birthday of some one who arrived on schedule.  In fact, my early arrival may throw off my Decimal Birthday which technically fell unrecognized on my 10,000th day of life–approximately 10 years ago today.  I can’t believe I missed such a milestone!

And what about my half-birthday? I have an approximate idea of when it is, but I never tried to determine a precise day.  It is not exactly challenging arithmetic, but for some reason I never felt compelled to pay attention to the occasion. I suppose if others called for its celebration I could come up with it quickly.

Many, but not all Westerners celebrate birth dates. Some regard them with contempt while many of us surround them with all kinds of by pomp and circumstance. However you feel about birthdays, they clearly define us for better or worse.  I’m not sure if I’m of age to start looking forward to birthdays or to be more inclined to celebrate them with reluctance.

And then what about my unbirthday which is every other day of the year, but today. I suppose if we celebrated unbirthdays, the one day that would still be different and perhaps more or less festive would be our birthday.

We do permit birthdays to define us, don’t we?

Think of how many of us have a greater acumen for astrology than astronomy. In the West, we attach significance to astronomical phenomena associated with the day of birth.

Western astrology is very much horoscopic.  I suspect you may know more people who know something about sun sign astrology than have a clue about extragalactic astronomy.

I do know my sun sign, but I couldn’t tell you a thing about the Magellanic Cloud. If it is your birthday today, have a happy one.

Below are some others who share this day of birth:

07 – Nov – 1964 Dana Plato (47)

07 – Nov – 1959 Keith Lockhart (52)

07 – Nov – 1943 Joni Mitchell (68)

07 – Nov – 1926 Joan Sutherland (85)

07 – Nov – 1922 Al Hirt (89)

07 – Nov – 1918 Billy Graham (93)

07 – Nov – 1903 Dean Jagger (108)

07 – Nov – 1879 Leon Trotsky (132)

07 – Nov – 1867 Madame Curie (144)






  1. Jan Marsh
    November 8, 2011, 4:28 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY you were a small miracle …you should feel blessed!