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Nat Geo WILD: Live-Streaming Video for International Viewers!

If you’re outside of the US, you can watch ‘Shark Attack Experiment LIVE’ , well, live!

We’re streaming it live-online  — the behind-the-scenes pre-show just started and the show itself will start streaming at 9P et.

Our international viewers can see it all here:

If you’re in the US, keep it tuned here for more behind-the scenes video coming up and tune in to Nat Geo WILD at 9P et / 6P pt for ‘Shark Attack Experiment LIVE’.


  1. Tara Broyd
    United States
    November 25, 2011, 8:27 pm

    How can we stream this IN the US? Good luck with the show!

    • Matthew Zymet
      November 25, 2011, 8:48 pm

      Hey Tara!

      Unfortunately the show isn’t going to be avaialble as a live online stream in the US (it’s one of those legal/business things) — we’ll continue to cover things behind the scenes in this blog and on Twitter, and of course if you get Nat Geo WILD, you can watch it live on TV. If you’re not sure if you already have Nat Geo WILD, enter your zip-code into the “channel finder” at the bottom of the right column on this page and it will let you know what channel you can find Nat Geo WILD on!


      Matt Z.
      Nat Geo WILD