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  1. Jesus Chang
    United States
    December 2, 2011, 12:36 pm

    First we (surfer community) would like to thank you for your efforts in helping other to understand sharks’s behaviors. I would like to share that the same day of your broadcast, me and my friends were in Reef Road, beach Florida, during the morning time.

    This was my first contact with a sharks.. we were surfing and one of my friend let us know that he saw (2) bullsharks.. after a while I saw another sharks and them I decided to move shore.

    After viewing and seeking information I understand better their behavior. They are not looking for Humans, however.. making them unconformable in their natural environment can increase the attack, color, shinning items can also be part of a nightmare…

    I would like see more protection for surfer as well .. all animals are awesome, however human safety should be important as well.

    Thank you,