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Video: Ranchers Who Opposed the Keystone XL Pipeline Path

In the Journey OnEarth film series for the National Resources Defense Council and OnEarth magazine, NG Emerging Explorer Roshini Thinakaran reports about the people most directly impacted by pollution, oil spills, and toxic chemicals, and communities coping with climate change across the U.S.

NG Emerging Explorer, filmmaker Roshini Thinakaran. Photo by Mark Thiessen.

With this week’s news that the Obama administration has formally rejected the current proposal for the Keystone XL pipeline, this latest installment in the Journey OnEarth film series becomes particularly timely.

In this new video, Roshini Thinakaran meets ranchers from Nebraska who have helped lead the charge to keep the oil pipeline from being constructed in the Sandhills region, where leaks could contaminate the Ogallala Aquifer that provides freshwater to millions of people, cattle, and wild animals in the region.


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