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Eight Solutions to Address Climate Change – in 3D…

Whether it’s using a building rooftop to display solar panels or investing in cycling programs and infrastructure, cities are replete with smart solutions to climate change.

A new C40 infographic – featuring cutting edge technology developed with our web partners the Barbarian group — brings to life a range of opportunities (and existing solutions) for cities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the quality of life for local communities. Our goal: to create the experience of surveying a “fully green” city by bringing together examples of best practices from global cities into a single city block.

Mapping to corresponding C40 City case studies featured on C40’s acclaimed new website, the new 3D infographic puts you in the driver’s seat to explore a rich depiction of eight critical issues and their potential solutions. For each topic, users can click through to read more about some of the specific actions cities around the world have taken.

Given C40’s announcement in Rio of a new waste management network, it is fitting that the graphic opens with waste management — a commonly-held challenge for cities. Waste in landfills around the world is the third largest source of anthropogenic methane emissions and 23 times more potent as a greenhouse gas agent than CO2. Click through to the solution and you will see how methane gas can be captured to provide an alternative energy source to fossil fuels. The graphic goes on to spotlight all of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions in cities, including transportation, buildings and lighting; and to show the variety of ways cities can take decisive action to become more sustainable.

We encourage you to explore this interactive infographic; and we hope you will share it widely. Be sure to let us know at @C40Cities which of these solutions are working for your city – and how. If you’re interested in learning more about the cutting-edge technology behind this endeavor, visit our friends at the Barbarian Group.