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Namaste—National Yoga Month is Here!

Namaste! How is your yoga practice going? Whether it is going well or just “going,” it will be cheaper this month in celebration of National Yoga Month.

Designated by the Department of Health and Human Services as a month of national observance, the celebratory event is intended to raise awareness for the practice of yoga and its benefits to health and fitness.

One of several federally recognized health awareness events, Yoga Month serves to educate, inspire and motivate practitioners at all levels. Since its inception in 2008, the event has evolved from a 10 city yoga health festival tour into a global campaign intended to recruit new students and embrace the most advanced of yogis.

The non-profit Yoga Health Foundation, which coordinates Yoga Month, will continue to offer a number of one week free yoga passes throughout September. The passes are available through www.yogamonth.org for practitioners to take advantage of free yoga sessions.  More than 1800 yoga studios are participating in the month-long event.

“Experience is a powerful teacher,” says Yoga Health Foundation founder Johannes R. Fisslinger, “so we decided to give people across the country the opportunity to try yoga for themselves.”

The author assuming a pose at Solo Yoga in Anchorage, AK.

Whether you are seeking stress management, increased flexibility, relaxation, stronger musculature and connective tissue, yoga will benefit both your mind and body, “[providing] tools to inspire health and harmony in life.”

“Preventative wellness can be accessed by simply unrolling a yoga mat!” says Fisslinger.

I had been practicing yoga for several months myself at Solo Yoga in Anchorage before moving back to Los Angeles. Although I am still very much a beginner, my practice has inspired me to pursue a healthier life style all around. I’m now a vegetarian and working out seven days a week. Namaste!