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“Migrating Mural” Becomes a Reality

In April of 2011, readers of this blog voted Jane Kim’s Migrating Mural the Viewers’ Choice “Best Ocean Saving Idea” out of 60 proposed by young artists, business leaders, non-profit founders and other attendees of the Summit at Sea.

Now this plan to paint large scale images of animals on the move is becoming a reality. While the original ocean-themed concept revolved around the annual migration of the blue whale, Jane has always imagined it as a series featuring many species, and the first to enter the real world will be the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep.

This October she’ll be painting on the Mt. Williamson Motel in Independence, California, with the support of the management as well as the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Foundation and California Department of Fish and Game, and anyone else who makes a pledge on her new Kickstarter page.

Jane Kim's Migrating Mural project becomes a reality this October on the walls of the Mt. Williamson Motel in Independece, California. Photo collage by Jane Kim.


“The purpose of the Migrating Mural is to expose the public to endangered, elusive, and transient animals that otherwise go unseen,” Jane has written. “It highlights animal migration routes while beautifying human migration routes and catalyzes both wildlife conservation and public art.”

One wall of the Mt. Williamson Motel will show a young ram through several stages of development. Photo collage by Jane Kim.


The painting of the murals is only the beginning. Jane envisions the Migrating Mural really coming to life as communities engage with it through possible events like a “bike race for bighorns” using each painting as a checkpoint. Over the next few years she hopes to put up several more murals, and inspire other artists and communities to do the same.

Another of Jane's paintings will show a grown ram in front of Mt. Williamson itself. Photo collage by Jane Kim.


“Our planet is home to incredible and wondrous life and that makes me feel overwhelmed with passion,” she says. “Sharing even a fraction of that with the rest of the world is the best gift that I know how to give.”


You can support the Migrating Mural on Kickstarter.

To see more of Jane Kim’s artwork visit her websites:



For those in the Berkeley area, you can meet Jane Kim and celebrate the launch of the Migrating Mural on October 4th with an exhibit of her art at The Bone Room. Image by Jane Kim.




  1. lh lazarus
    October 2, 2012, 6:52 am

    Acknowledgement of creativity and talent, aspiration and ability. Recognition of motivation, concept, conservation of nature through art. Outstanding. Congratulations. Forever forward.