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The Art of Street Portraiture


Street photographer. Cuba. Photograph © KIKE CALVO
Street photographer. Cuba. Photograph © KIKE CALVO


While traveling in Cuba with National Geographic Expeditions I had the fortunate opportunity to interview a real life ¨fotógrafo minutero¨ that expanded my knowledge on a craft that is used less frequently now a days, but still in Cuba, Argentina and other locations around the world.

The beauty of these fotógrafos minuteros or street portrait photographers, is it’s authentic nature, and it’s ability to develop photos instantly. The liveliness caught with this type of practice, and equipment is something unlike anything else in the photography world used today. It has a raw, yet intimate style all at the same time.

One must be very involved and in-touch with the surroundings that are being captured, which is one of the greatest things about the finished product, there is no limit to what can be photographed. Whether it’s a photo of children with their parents or a couple in love, with these photographers, the true art, and ambiance of the surroundings comes alive in the photo because of it’s particular, vintage and exquisite technique.