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Avalanche Safety Videos Explore Risk on the Mountain

After this weekend’s fatal avalanche accident in Colorado, National Geographic News explored avalanche safety tips. We embedded an avalanche video with that article, but we found more great videos on this topic, so we are embedding them below.

Like weather and the chance for a thunderstorm, the probability of avalanches can be predicted.

In the following video, go behind the scenes at the Bridger Teton National Forest Avalanche Center. Experts here prepare avalanche forecasts for backcountry thrill seekers. This video is from our partners at explore.org.

Any dog lover can appreciate the enthusiasm dogs display for praise or rewards. Rescue dogs in the backcountry  thrive on finding surviving humans. And it’s all like a game for them, with a reward at the end. In the next video, meet “Murphy” and his handler. This video also comes from our partners at explore.org.

Meet a skier who triggered a major avalanche, lived to tell about it, and it was all captured on video.


  1. warrenhoob
    October 15, 2013, 5:14 am

    This is a superb explanation for the dedicated mountain guides that will help many guides avoid problems when supporting their clients.