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Explain the Coolest Thing You Know in 3 Minutes or Less

The world is full of incredible objects, events, ideas, and possibilities, but sometimes by the time someone explains one of them, everyone else is bored out of their mind, no matter how fascinating it was to start.

So should we all just accept that as interesting as the world is, talking about it takes all of the thrill out of it?

Don’t be ridiculous.

Instead, prove just how irrepressibly awesome science is by explaining the coolest thing you know in 3 minutes or less and entering the video in the Online Fame Lab competition today, July 19, 2013.

All year long, National Geographic and NASA are teaming up for a series of Fame Lab competitions across the United States leading up to the international championship in the UK in 2014. Right now though, you don’t have to go anywhere–just get yourself on video and enter the online competition today.

To get inspired, learn about some previous winners’ videos below, including 2013 NG Emerging Explorer Brendan Mullan!

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