Something Big on the Prairie

Gregg Treinish and his team at Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation bring us stories from around the world about adventuring with purpose. Here, ASC’s Alex Hamilton interviews producer Erik Goldstein about his visit to our Landmark adventure science crew on the American Prairie Reserve and the resulting film.

By Alex Hamilton

Taking on his first conservation-oriented project, Brooklyn-based photographer and filmmaker Erik Goldstein knew he wanted to focus on “something big.”

The American Prairie Reserve turned out to be that thing—it is big, both physically and symbolically.

“I knew I had found something special,” says Goldstein. “Here is a program on the ground floor of becoming the largest protected wildlife area in the U.S.”

Goldstein and cinematographer Greg Mezey spent three days with ASC’s Landmark crew, following their day-to-day routines: “I watched every sunrise and sunset. I woke up to a herd of bison around my tent, and listened to coyotes howl at night.”

“[They were] out hiking over 15 miles, every day, for a month or more,” he added.

On October 20, 2005, 16 bison stepped back onto the Montana prairie after an absence of more than 120 years. Today the herd at APR numbers over 450. (Photo by Erik Goldstein)

Goldstein describes himself as a “big believer in the use of technology for conservation,” and left the prairie impressed with ASC’s strategies and the Landmark volunteers.

“I watched the volunteers collect data on their daily findings and instantly share it on a database that scientists all over the world could access,” he says. “I find it amazing how much I learned from [the crew] in a relatively short period.”

The volunteers were learning, too. “It was great to listen to their stories of being on the prairie. You could tell each one of them is walking away from this with an experience they will not forget.”


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