Help Us Detect Microplastics in Our Rivers

Winter on the Gallatin. (Photo by Emily Stifler Wolfe)
Winter on the Gallatin. (Photo by Emily Stifler Wolfe)

For two years, my organization Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation has engaged ocean goers to collect surface water samples from the oceans, finding more than 93 percent of the samples contaminated with plastic debris.

We are now a finalist for the Alpine Initiatives Grassroots Grant, which we hope to use to expand our microplastics project to freshwater, starting at home in the Gallatin Watershed, Montana. ASC will mobilize boaters, skiers and hikers to study the sources of microplastic pollution in the Gallatin Watershed, working to limit this massive environmental threat.

Cruising down the Gallatin in duckies. (Photo courtesy of Montana Whitewater)
Cruising the Gallatin (Photo courtesy of Montana Whitewater)

We will recruit and train up to 100 volunteer adventure scientists to collect samples from the headwaters to the Gallatin’s confluence with the Jefferson and Madison rivers in Three Forks, where they form the Missouri River.

Through consumer awareness, strategic partnerships and legislative action, we will reduce the amount of plastic entering the largest watershed in the country.

Help us in the final push, and vote for us to win a $5,000 Alpine Initiatives Grassroots Grant.

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