Video: “Toy” Drone Deployed in Ivory Investigation

Lumberyard-droneIn Lomé, Togo, investigative journalist Bryan Christy learns of a lumberyard suspected of being at the center of the illegal ivory trade.  As clear outsiders, he and the video production crew must find a way to take a closer look without breaking their cover. Befriending the children and showing off their “toy” drone might just be the answer to catching a glimpse of the lumber yard.

In this outtake from the National Geographic Explorer show “Warlords of Ivory, ” watch how the crew casually deploys the drone for a peek over the lumberyard fence.

More About the Investigation


  1. Atli
    Mosfellsbær, Iceland
    September 6, 2015, 7:30 am

    It’s always fun to inspire someone