Video: Inside the Largest Ivory Seizure in West Africa

When a Togo Customs official decided to turn around his X-ray machine and inspect freight leaving his country, instead of looking only at cargo coming into the country, he uncovered what at the time was to be the biggest seizure of illegal ivory in the history of West Africa.

An X-ray mage of ivory in a shipping container.
An X-ray mage of ivory in a shipping container.

In this outtake from the National Geographic Explorer show “Warlords of Ivory, ” National Geographic investigative journalist Bryan Christy discovers how nearly four tons of ivory was discovered hidden in a shipping container and he interviews Huu Dinh Khao, the person suspected of trying to smuggle the tusks of some 500 elephants from Togo to Vietnam. (See “Togo Makes Second Record Ivory Seizure.”)


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