A Secret Life

Photo by Chris Broekhoven

She moves in the comfort of the night, between the ancient spires of rock and stone, along the dark valleys that lead to the Cape of Storms.

Nobody ever sees her, because we broke her trust long ago.

Then, one evening, something triggers the camera trap.
Out of the cold grey, a warm face appears.
Curious, without fear.

Her gleaming eyes tell a story.
She is one of the last Cape Leopards to roam the rocky mountains at the southern tip of Africa.
It is a story of persecution, of grit, of survival.

What’s the ending?
Before we know, she dissolves back into the night,
leaving her deepest secret behind.


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This story originally appeared here. 


  1. Marja Kokkonen
    November 16, 2015, 3:47 pm

    Beautiful and amazing. Thank You.