Kikeo and The Whale

Kikeo and The Whale is a bedtime story that submerges the young reader in a sea of dreams. Hand-in-hand with National Geographic Creative photographer Kike Calvo, the reader discovers a beautiful story of an encounter between Kikeo, the main character,  and a baby whale and her mom.

“This children’s book comes at a time when the pressure on our ocean resources is unprecedented and accelerating,” said National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and Pristine Seas Executive Director Enric Sala. “Kike Calvo, a talented National Geographic Creative photographer and conservationist, has written a beautiful bedtime story of an encounter between Kikeo, a fictional young explorer and photographer, and a baby whale and her mom. The adventure unfolds with a clear message on the importance of preserving our oceans. Kikeo’s adventures teach our children some key lessons in tolerance, conservation and respect to the environment.”


Humpback Whales
Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) calf and mother. Photo © KIKE CALVO

Kikeo and The Whale is a beautiful story that submerges first readers in a sea of adventure,” said Sala. “The oceans sustain all life on Earth. It gives our children, and us, half of the oxygen we breath and the seafood we eat, it regulates our climate, and captures much of the carbon pollution we put in the atmosphere – and it also allows us to have fun, learn and explore. Overfishing, pollution, and climate change are the main threats to ocean life.”

“In the same way our Pristine Seas project works to inspire governments to create large protected areas, other conservation efforts are happening around the world, led by writers, photographers, artists and scientists,” said Sala. “Anything we can do to inspire and teach future generations is crucial. “


Kikeo and The Whale, New children book by National Geographic photographer Kike Calvo and foreword by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala


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