Latest Okavango Wilderness Project Expedition About to Kick Off

Photo courtesy Liz Hilton

When they put the sticker on the Land Cruiser, you know things are about to get good.

The first expedition for 2017 of the National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project is about to begin, and the final preparations are being made as the team loads up gear for a new season of exploration and outreach in the Angolan highlands.

This is the latest leg of a multi-year effort to explore and protect the headwaters of the rivers that drive the annual explosion of life in the legendary Okavango Delta.

This month, the crew is heading to the source lakes of the Cuito and Cuanavale Rivers. Led by Chris Boyes and Adjany and Kerllen Costa (sister-and-brother team members from Angola), they’ll be diving in the lakes, biking across the countryside, checking on camera traps, and getting to know the people who call this area home.

With the bikes and gear loaded up, the team has been making their way up to the highlands, where the real activity will begin next week. Follow along for the latest photo, video, and written updates from the field.

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