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Hokulea Visits the Pitcairn Islands

After 11 full days on the ocean, Hawaii’s iconic sailing vessel Hokulea and her crew arrived yesterday on Pitcairn Island for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Pitcairn Islands Become World’s Largest Single Marine Reserve

Relive the adventures and stunning photos of the expedition behind the announcement of the world’s largest contiguous marine protected area.

Pitcairn: The Real Bounty Revealed

NG Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala heads to London to support the inhabitants of Pitcairn Island in their quest to protect the abundant marine life surrounding their famously remote home.

Mike Fay’s Complete Pitcairn Islands Journal

Experience a journey to some of Earth’s most remote and storied islands in Mike Fay’s daily journal entries from his recent month-long expedition in the South Pacific.

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: Final Ascent and Farewell

Oh his last day on Pitcairn Island, Mike Fay tackles one more nerve-wracking muddy climb, and reflects on what living outside on this remote island has shown him.

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: The Big Fish Fry

As the expedition draws to a close, all of Pitcairn gathers for a celebratory day of fishing, frying, and hearing the initial results of Enric’s marine survey.

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: Attack of the Ferns

By Mike Fay, NG Explorer-in-Residence 9 April 2012 Rained all night and Highest Point was completely soaked again this morning.  I just kind of hacked around in the morning; Bren had school today.  Went over to Gannet’s Ridge just to see how cool it is to walk on a razor-backed ridge in the fog.  Takes…

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: Archaeology and the Biggest Landslide Yet

Brenda Christian finds an artifact from Pitcairn’s prehistoric inhabitants as she and Mike tackle the biggest landslide he’s ever seen.

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: Fishing in a Homemade Boat

News arrives that the expedition is being cut short for bad weather, so Mike Fay and others head out in a homemade boat for a day of fishing.

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: Slopes, Goats, and Roads

After several days of walking and climbing all around Pitcairn, Mike Fay’s familiarity with the island is growing, but he’s still constantly being surprised.

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: School Field Trip & Meeting the Bees

NG Explorer-in-Residence leads the kids of Pitcairn Island on a crash-course in GPS navigation. “Of course what the kids were interested in was a romp in the woods,” he says, adding “if you are truthful about it, no different from me for the past 50 years.”

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: The Island’s Magic Gardens

This is also where some have proposed to put in an airstrip for the island. Pitcairn would just feel like one more place you go to if that happened I think. It would take a lot of the magic away.

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: Disaster at St. Paul’s

Trying to take video down at St. Paul’s, Bren shouted to me from above, “Watch out, that wave is going to take you.” There was urgency in her voice and that’s not usually the case.

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: Return to Pitcairn

NG Explorer-in-Residence Mike Fay could hardly believe it: the ship headed back to Polynesia and he got left behind on Pitcairn for 10 days. And he couldn’t have been happier.

Mike Fay’s Pitcairn Journal: Why Are Birds So Beautiful?

NG Explorer-in-Residence Mike Fay says we know Charles Darwin would say the colors are from sexual selection, or are for camouflage or distraction. But he still wonders why is the result so beautiful to the human eye?