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Vanishing Act: The Disappearance of Refugee Aid in Belgrade

Of the 6,400 migrants currently in Serbia, over 1,000 are homeless. As winter arrives to the country’s capital, refugee aid is quietly removed from public spaces and these vulnerable migrants must find new ways to survive…

Study Links Vanishing of Solomon Islands to Anthropogenic Climate Change

A study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters finds that five of the uninhabitated Solomon Islands have submerged underwater and six more have experienced dramatic shoreline reductions due to man-made climate change. The study by a team of Australian researchers offers scientific evidence confirming anecdotal accounts of climate change impacts on Pacific islands. That evidence…

Primate Survey Raises Question: Are Uganda’s Northernmost Chimpanzees Vanishing?

We set out to confirm whether chimpanzees remain in northern Uganda, and which other primates are supported by the magnificent Otzi Mountains on the South-Sudanese border. Here’s what we found.

Vanishing Innocents: Fish, Dolphins, and Other Sea Creatures in Troubled Waters

Sardinia has a unique and unforgettable scent, different from any other place I’ve known. It’s the scent of the Mediterranean undergrowth, of junipers and myrtles. If I close my eyes and concentrate, I can almost smell it even now, thousands of miles away and many years later. As a young girl, I anxiously waited for…

The Vanishing Vakul, and the Changing Indigenous Ivatan Culture

National Geographic Young Explorer Hannah Reyes is studying and visually documenting the transitions to modernity of indigenous culture in Northern Philippines

Evolutionary Perspectives & Approaches to Conserving Vanishing Wildlife

In prior interviews with Dr. Michael Hutchins, we discussed the impact of threats such as emerging infectious diseases and invasive species on extant wildlife populations.  In recent times, many species have not fared well in the face of such threats, and in some cases have been rendered extinct in the wild merely since the industrial…

Journey to Vanishing Tropical Glaciers

National Geographic Explorer Neil Losin and his colleague Nate Dappen are planning an expedition to Africa’s Rwenzori Mountains, one of the few places on Earth where glaciers can be found on the equator – and you can help them make their expedition happen!

Sandroing, A Vanishing Art

Sandroing is a unique, maze-like art form. It’s created in a largely uninterrupted path on the sand or ground using one or two fingers. Geometric patterns are formed while artists tell their stories. Like language, these symbols and codes differ from clan to clan and island to island.

Preserving Native America’s vanishing languages

Native American Heritage Month (November) is when we reflect on the heritage of the first people in the Americas and honor their traditions and ancestors. North America before the time of contact with Europeans five hundred years ago was a mosaic of extraordinary human diversity. Hundreds of tribes had their own cultures, political systems, art…

A Displaced Spirit: The Uncertain Future of Africa’s Greatest River

When the Bujagali dam was erected on Uganda’s White Nile in 2011, the World Bank hired local witch doctors to relocate the river’s spirit gods. The deities that dwell in the Nile’s massive rapids were moved to cataracts on different, unaffected stretches of the river. This struck me as remarkable: the entity responsible for funding construction of the colossal Bujagali dam was also responsible for appeasing and relocating displaced river spirits.

The Short Yet Dramatic Lifecycle of The Patagonian Flightless Crane Fly

Flightless (Patagonia’s Untold Stories) It has finally pushed itself through the entangled root mats. Months of development feeding on wet detritus have come to an end. It will now emerge as a full-fledged adult. The upper portion of its body hangs perpendicular to the rock wall, exposed to the elements. It begins to break free…

Bikepacking The Abandoned

My bicycle is knee deep in mud. The snowline on the nearby mountains is closer than the previous day. The abandoned track has been softened by the stomping of cattle. After an hour of pushing my loaded bike half a mile through the mud, I begin the task of setting up camp. The only suitable…

Life & Glaciers

  Life & Glaciers (Patagonia’s Untold Stories)   Its skin is splitting open down its back. Three pairs of lateral attachment points keep its streamlined body glued to the submerged rock. It will use the glacial raging torrent to its advantage. With the last air in its body, it inflates its thorax to free itself from…

Climate Change Survival: Choose Your Own Adventure

We are at a point today where every decision we make counts in deciding what America’s climate change story will be–including the fundamental decision of how we tell climate change stories.

1Frame4Nature | The Search for Lost Species

In early 2010 I pulled together a poster of the ten “Most Wanted” amphibians that led to a global search for frogs and salamanders lost to science. A little battle-weary from the unabated extinction of frogs and their kin, and seeking hope in the face of despair, I was buoyed by the improbable reappearance in Costa Rica of the Variable Harlequin Frog and inspired to wonder: what else might be out there?