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Albert Lin is a Research Scientist at UC San Diego and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. He has dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge at the boundary of science, technology, and exploration.

He leads an international effort known as the Valley of the Khans Project and heads a group he calls the "Exploration Laboratory . Here he develops new methods to push the boundaries of non-invasive exploration including, unmanned drone technology, advanced geophysics and National Geographic's first citizen science effort: (http://exploration.nationalgeographic.com).

Albert is an avid rock climber, surfer, mountaineer, photographer, sailor, and traveler.

Can We See the Invisible, Together?

About three years ago, I was staring at a monitor wall of 2 million crowdsourced “clues” to identify archaeological tombs in Mongolia when three people in black suits walked up and stopped in their tracks.  Two of them were from the Department of Defense, and the third was a gruff young doctor named Eliah Spencer…

Globalization Through the Eyes of a Nomad

It may seem strange to suggest that the motivation behind our global economies, conflicts, cultures, and politics can be summed up within the mindset of the herdsman on the grassy steppe. But then again, the largest contiguous empire in human history was created by one of those nomads, and his name was Chinggis (Genghis) Khan.