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Alix Morris is a science writer and the Director of Communications at Earthwatch Institute, with experience in science communications and global field research. Alix has a Masters in Science Writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Masters in Health Science from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

The Night Watch

In Playa Grande, Costa Rica, more than 20 years of egg poaching consumed a generation of leatherback sea turtles, bringing the population in the Eastern Pacific to the brink of extinction. Today, scientists and volunteers are working alongside local communities to ensure there’s a future for this species. When María Teresa Koberg first arrived in…

Bringing Back the Bison

By Alix Morris, Earthwatch Institute

Tens of millions of wild bison once freely roamed across North America before their populations were decimated by Euro-American settlers in the mid-1800s. Today, Earthwatch’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Cristina Eisenberg, in partnership with the Blackfoot First Nation, is leading a study to help prepare for the return of this iconic species to Alberta’s Waterton Lakes National Park and tribal lands in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.