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Becca Bryan

Becca Bryan is a published freelance writer in Florida. Her work includes interviews with celebrities, U.S. military members, veterans, journalists and more. She is an strong advocate for animals.

Protecting and Conserving Gopher Tortoises

Video and photo credit: Janet Molchan Monday, April 10 is Gopher Tortoise Day in Florida. State and local wildlife conservation programs note this day with awareness activities relating to the Threatened species’ and its habitat. Gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) is considered a keystone species because its burrows provide shelter for more than 350 other species living in their habitat.…

What Happens to Orphaned Florida Panther Cubs?

Sassy’s Story A young female Florida panther (puma concolor coryi) was rescued from an eastern Collier county, Florida park in mid-December 2015. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) panther biologists think her mother, who was given the official name UCFP251 after she was found dead, was approximately three years old. She was killed by…

Celebrating India’s Asiatic Lions on World Lion Day #worldlionday

World Lion Day celebrates all sub-species of lion, raises worldwide awareness of conservation programs, and brings attention to the threats they face everywhere. Much of the attention is on the African lion, but today we also want to celebrate and appreciate India’s Asiatic lions, and those working to protect them and their habitat.

How One Rescued Florida Panther is Everybody’s Florida Panther

Video: Diane Randolph –Video Photographs: Janet Molchan and Ron Magill A rescued 30-month-old Florida panther is an ambassador for her species and its disappearing natural habitat.  Stunning. Beguiling. Kittenish. Endangered. All of these words describe a young orphaned, rescued, non-releasable female Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi) whose story is that of every Florida panther today. Tragic Beginning Born somewhere in southwest Florida,…

Individuals Matter Among Africa’s Wild Animals

A single animal bagged by a trophy hunter can quite easily cause the destruction  of the entire family unit that may depend on it for nurturing, protection, or other assistance to survive in the wild. Numerous articles, debates and meetings have discussed the status of conservation of African wildlife and trophy hunting.  Vigorous supporters of animal trophy hunts are…

Walking For Lions Project ‘Lights Up’ Big Cat Protection

While the world mourns and avenges the death of Zimbabwe’s beloved Cecil the lion, one man is on the ground in Botswana protecting lions from the angry guns of local farmers and ranchers. Marnus Roodbol is the founder of Walking for Lions (WFL), an organization that works with locals in Botswana to literally light up…

Saving Serabie: How a Volunteer Rescued “Her” Lion From Canned Hunting

When Alexandra Lamontagne found out that one of the lion cubs she had helped raise as a volunteer at a South African wildlife facility was destined to be sent to a place where lions were offered as trophies to hunters, she raised money and did something about it. This is her story.

Get Involved to Protect the African Lion

It is estimated that there are approximately 35,000 wild lions in Africa. This is a large decline in the total population since last estimates in 1980 of about 76,000. The decline is largely due to habitat loss, loss of prey base, and increased human-lion contact. (Related post: Lion Numbers Plunge as African Wilderness Succumbs to…