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Byron Delgado is an expert in Geographic and Environmental Engineering with a Master’s Degree in Territorial Planning and Environmental Management. He works as a researcher in the Knowledge Management Program of the Charles Darwin Research Station in Galapagos, Ecuador. Spatial information is critical to all of the work that the scientists produce. With Byron’s support through his research and data treatment, scientific data has an increased impact, higher credibility, and broader outcomes.

"Any info you got, can be enhanced by mapping it."

Spare a Thought for the Galapagos Lava Lizards

The colorful lizards of the Galapagos require the same consideration as the big iconic animals of the world-famous archipelago — such as giant tortoises, tropical penguins, and marine iguanas — yet no funds or regulations are earmarked for the protection of these small animals. One way to protect them within human settlements is to show people how to care for our tiny reptilian neighbors. It means changing our cultural and conservation customs.