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Christine Dell'Amore, environment writer/editor for National Geographic News, has reported from six continents, including Antarctica. She has also written for Smithsonian magazine and the Washington Post. Christine holds a masters degree in journalism with a specialty in environmental reporting from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her book, South Pole, was published in 2012.

Puppy-Size Tarantula Found: Explaining World’s Biggest Spider

The world’s largest spider has crept back into the spotlight, thanks to a scientist who described harrowing arachnid encounters on his blog.

Lonesome George Unveiled in New York City

Lonesome George, the famous Galápagos Island tortoise that was the last of his kind when he died in 2012, is due to get some company.

Five New “Flying Monkeys” Identified in Amazon

Five species of acrobatic monkey that have long flown under the scientific radar have been named in South America, a new study says.

Butterflies Can Evolve New Colors Amazingly Fast

Butterflies can evolve new colors rapidly and simply by tweaking the structures of their wings, a new study says.

Elephants Have 2,000 Genes for Smell—Most Ever Found

The large mammals have 2,000 genes related to smell, the most ever discovered in an animal, a new study says.

Pictures: Inside Scandinavia’s Biggest Icebreaker

Take a look inside the Oden, the 351-foot (107-meter) Swedish vessel that pulverizes ice and helps polar scientists do their jobs.

Newly Discovered Crickets Make World’s Highest Pitched Love Song

Three new species of katydid found in South American rain forests produce the animal kingdom’s highest pitched mating call, according to a new study.

Q&A: What Animals Tell Us About Love and Dating

Jennifer Verdolin’s new book Wild Connection reveals how our relationships and courtships often mirror those of other species in the animal world.

Speedy Mite Is World’s Fastest Land Animal (Relative to Size)

A tiny arachnid found in southern California is the world’s fastest land animal relative to size, according to a new study.

Why Do Zebras Have Stripes? New Study Offers Strong Evidence

The zebra’s stripes evolved to keep pesky insects at bay, according to the most thorough study to date on the subject.

Your Hamster May Have Surprising Origins

Hamsters weren’t always spinning on the wheel: There are 26 species of wild hamster, including the Syrian, which was first found near the city of Aleppo.

Clintons Say to End Ivory Trade, Everyone Needs to Act

The ivory trade is an “ecological and moral disaster” that requires businesses and consumers to take up the fight, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton argued in a joint op-ed published February 23 in the Financial Times.

Spiky Baby Killers: Echidna Secrets Revealed

An egg-laying, spiny mammal with a four-headed penis is already pretty bizarre, but it turns out short-beaked echidnas are even stranger than we thought.

Ten Weirdest Animal Stories of 2013

A hot-pink slug, a Pinocchio lizard, and a troll-haired bug are among our editor’s picks for 2013’s weirdest animal discoveries.

Five Surprising New Bat Species Found in Africa

Tiny mammals split off from other species three million years ago, study says.