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Corey Robinson

of Water Is for Fighting

coreyrobinson.wordpress.com · instagram.com/coreyrobinson/

Corey Robinson is a filmmaker and Young Explorer Grantee collecting stories through film, still pictures and words. The "Water Is for Fighting" project documents the stories of people around the United States fighting to protect their waterways.

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From the Front Lines of the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

Thousands of Native Americans have gathered on the banks of the Missouri River to protest the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Crossing the river right above their reservation, they fear a spill could ruin their water source and way of life. Young Explorer Corey Robinson went to North Dakota to document protesters occupying construction sites, peacefully preventing construction from continuing.

The New Generation of Dory Guides – Idaho’s Wild Rivers

“They’re the pinnacle, they’re what everyone wants to row out here,” Trevor tells me as he loads up his first dory. We’re on the Salmon River in central Idaho, packing up for a six-day float through the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. I cut my teeth guiding on this river, and I couldn’t…

Seeps to Swimming Pools: Water In Nevada’s Desert

“All my friends told me not to film with you. But whatever,” Hank grumbles. Hank Vogler, a Nevada sheep rancher, is in the fight of his life to protect his water rights from being snatched up by a distant city, laying waste to all he has created. Hank has spent over 40 years here in…

Palmetto Pipeline: An Eminent Problem

I hop off the boat into a horde of red-white-and-blue-clad 4th of July revelers. Looking back at the mighty Savannah River, I see a half dozen children playing in the water, with two sets of alligator eyeballs cresting the water thirty feet or so beyond. “What’s going on here,” I ask Tonya, my guide and…

Duplin County: Life Under the Waste Sprayer

Duplin County, North Carolina is the epicenter for industrial swine production in the United States. Housing an estimated 2.2 million hogs, this dot on the map shoulders more than its fair share of the world’s swine production load. I showed up last summer to film the stories of those trying to protect the water, land,…