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Danielle Elliot


Danielle Elliot is a multimedia producer and writer who earned her chops reporting and producing for networks, start-ups, and everything in between.

A graduate of the University of Maryland, she covered tennis and Olympic figure skating for a few years before earning an M.A. in Science and Health Journalism at Columbia University. Follow her on Twitter @daniellelliot.

Devil Rays Are Shockingly Fast and Deep Divers

The Chilean devil ray is one heck of a swimmer—the fish make surprisingly fast and deep dives into the Atlantic Ocean, a new study says.

Road Salt Creating Beefier Butterflies

Caterpillars that eat roadside plants rich with salt evolve into abnormal butterflies with large muscles and eyes, a new study says.

“Remarkable” New Salamander Disguises Itself as a Baby

A newfound species of lungless salamander from Arkansas has escaped scientists’ attention by looking like a juvenile of another species—until now.

Cockroaches Dined on Dinosaur Poop

A now-extinct family of cockroaches ate a diet that was high in dinosaur dung, according to a new study.

Hello, Neighbor: Emus Take Over Australian Town

An influx of emus is starting to take over a town in Queensland, Australia.

Elvis the Dog Sniffs Out Pregnant Polar Bears

Elvis the beagle is helping North American zoo keepers figure out if their polar bears are pregnant or not.

How to Put a Camera on a 1,000-Pound Bison

A team with National Geographic’s Crittercam recently installed two cameras on American bison for the first time—find out how they did it.

Battle-Ready: 5 Insects Prepared for War

From the ironclad beetle to a fly with spy vision, see five insects that nature has prepared for battle.