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Daniela Vilema is an environmental communicator for the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF). She works with the local community through outreach and environmental education, focusing mostly on shark conservation. Previously, she was a CDF volunteer and fellow. Before getting hired as a staff member, she worked with Waorani communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon, supporting their reforestation and aquaculture projects with an environmental education program.

Changing Perceptions About Sharks in the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos, the sharkiest place in the world–and one of the best diving destinations to see these remarkable animals! Sharks are one of the most charismatic species, but even though they have ecological and touristic importance, their bad public image remains. This is what motivates us to share the shark information we have with the Galapagos local community, to involve them in the shark world and encourage them to protect these wonderful species.