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Emelyn Rude

Emelyn Rude is a recent graduate of Harvard University, where she brought the social back to the sciences as a Social Studies concentrator. Although currently residing in New York City, a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant is helping her to return to the archipelago of her childhood to study the balance between environmental conservation and economic development in Timor-Leste.

Follow the full project here: http://rudeadventures.wordpress.com/

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First explored by western archaeologists in the 1960s, two Young Explorers tour Timor-Leste’s Lene Hara cave.

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As the group arrives in Nino Konis with little fanfare, questions over defining and understanding National Parks and conservation arise.

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A young explorer travels through Timor-Leste investigating how this new nation is addressing the joint issues of conservation and development. There will be a lot of terrible public transportation.