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Gemina is biologist, photographer, and explorer currently based in Boston, MA. She graduated from Colgate University in 2008 with a degree in Biology and Environmental studies, and is currently working on her Masters in Conservation Medicine at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Gemina was a 2008/09 Thomas J. Watson Fellow, traveling to seven countries to study different cultural attitudes towards whales and whaling. For the last three summers she has worked as a trip leader and photography teacher for National Geographic Student Expeditions, taking high school students to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Italy. Gemina is currently in the Azores for her project as a National Geographic Young Explorer, where she will be recording the stories and images of ex-whalers.

Learning to See the Forest for the Bees at Olympic National Park

“How many species of bees do you think there are?” I realize at this moment that I can only think of about three, which is clearly the wrong answer. JD Herndon and Houston Guy, entomologists who have come up to Washington State from Utah, wait patiently with little grins on their faces. They know most…

Whaler’s Week: Stories From a Whaling Lookout

NG Young Explorer Gemina Garland-Lewis shares stories from her last week in the field on the life of a whaling lookout as well as the festivities that continue to honor whalers.

Rivalry at Sea: Conversations Among Former Whalers

NG Young Explorer Gemina Garland-Lewis discusses the hardships of payment in the whaling industry, mixed with the inevitable rivalry that arose among these men when competing for a whale meant competing to support their families.

Former Whalers Reveal Emotions Behind Their Final Hunt

Three years after whaling officially ended in the Azores, several boats took to the sea in protest. NG Young Explorer Gemina Garland-Lewis discusses the emotions behind the hunt of the last three whales in the Azores with two of the men who lived it.

Survivor’s Tale From the Jaws of a Sperm Whale

National Geographic Young Explorer Gemina Garland-Lewis relates one of the most amazing stories yet from a whaler in the Azores. José “Silvino” do Silveira Jorge shares his memories of an accident that had him in the jaws of a sperm whale and how he lived to tell the tale.

More Stories From Former Whalers in the Azores

Gemina Garland-Lewis continues her work as a National Geographic Young Explorer, recording the stories of five more whalers in the Azores this week.

Living Memory of “Moby-Dick” Style Whaling Alive in the Azores

Gemina Garland-Lewis starts her field work as a National Geographic Young Explorer recording the stories of old whalers and the now extinct whaling culture in the Azores.