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Gloria Salvador is a geographer with a Master's degree in social and environmental studies. As a resident of the Galapagos islands, her personal goal is to support the local community to improve their quality of life by addressing the interests and needs of society in harmony with a healthy environment. Since 2014, Gloria has been working with Island Conservation on an ecological restoration project that aims to improve residents’ livelihood by removing invasive species on Floreana.

Advantages and challenges of living permanently in the Galapagos paradise

Since I was little, I understood that being from the Galapagos was a unique privilege. Famous for its iconic flora and fauna that inspired Charles Darwin to conceive the theory of evolution, this place is a “must visit” for scientists and tourists from across the world. Indeed, the condition of the archipelago’s ecosystems and the efforts being made to preserve them are examples we are proud to share. But what does it all really mean for the people who live on the islands?