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Jodi Kendall

of Nat Geo WILD

Jodi Kendall is a writer living in New York City with her husband and two dogs. She's a regular contributor for several National Geographic Channel websites and curator for Wanderfly.com. You can follow her travel, writing, and outdoor adventures on Twitter @Jodi_Kendall.

Nat Geo WILD: Know Your Sharks—The Great White Shark

Possibly the most feared predator on the planet, the great white tops the list of sharks most likely to attack humans. But despite this terrifying title, great whites have an exaggerated reputation and are historically responsible for less than 300 unprovoked incidents around the globe. It’s 30 times more likely for someone to be struck…

Nat Geo WILD: Know Your Sharks—The Tiger Shark

Tiger sharks are notorious for eating almost anything. Researchers have found all sorts of things in the stomachs of captured tiger sharks―from sea turtle shells to birds to old tires and even license plates. They generally hunt alone at nighttime, scavenging the waters as they swim closer inshore and toward the surface. They’re second only…

Nat Geo WILD: Know Your Sharks—The Blacktip Shark

Blacktips are known for their stout bodies and moderately long, pointed snouts. A migratory species, these sharks are widespread in tropical, subtropical, and warm, temperate waters around the world. They’re bottom-dwellers and will on occasion gather in small groups with other blacktips. The largest blacktip caught on record was just over eight feet in length.…