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Jaclyn Skurie

Interactive Map Color-Codes Race of Every Single American

It sounds somewhat implausible, but a University of Virginia academic has designed an interactive map that color-codes the geographic distribution of every single American, drawing on the last census. The Racial Dot Map uses 308,745,538 blue, green, red, and other colored dots to represent the race of every American in the place that person lives.…

How Did a Decapitated Snake Bite Itself?

A herpetologist weighs in on how a decapitated snake in a viral YouTube video can still move—and even bite—without its head.

Mesmerizing GIFs of Breathing Earth

The biodiversity of Earth as we know it is made up of millions of species—from Baobab trees to narwhals to tiny anemones attached to the ocean floor. But can we think of Earth in a holistic way, as one living entity of its own, instead of the sum of its parts? This is what John…