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U.S. Military Combats Climate Change

U.S. armed forces are accelerating their efforts towards energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions. A Scientific American article noted that in addition to the very real combat situations that the military faces due to America’s over-reliance on fossil fuels, rising sea levels and increasing numbers of severe storms will have serious impacts on Navy and Marine operations and bases.

Giant Butter Sculpture Powers Farm for Three Days

The Penn­syl­va­nia Farm Show is host to a thousand-pound butter sculpture. All that butter will not go to waste after the show ends. Steve Rein­ford is the lucky dairy farmer who will take cus­tody of the sculp­ture. And, far from a tragic end, the sculpture, with a little help from a methane digester, will power Reinford’s home and farm for about three days.

A Gorilla Walks Into a Room . . .

Since 1989 more than 250 convicted criminals have been exonerated based on DNA evidence. About 75% of those exonerations came in cases where eyewitnesses had misidentified the subject or the events. Why are witness accounts so unreliable?

Climate Refugees: Where Will They Go?

Some 10 million people a year are already being resettled because of climate change. What will be the impact of thousands, if not millions, of refugees on overburdened cities in the developing world, where the impact of climate change will be felt most strongly?

A Scary Arrival on Halloween: the 7 Billionth Human

According to calculations by the United Nations, the earth will gain its 7 billionth inhabitant on October 31st. The 7 billionth child will most likely be born in northern India, a country where half of children under 5 are malnourished and illiteracy is rising.

How Tall Is Mt. Everest?

How tall is Mt. Everest? Actually, the answer to that question is trickier than it sounds.