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Explorers Share Tales of Epic Fails

With our Epic Fails of Exploration Google+ Hangout only a week away, get to know our explorers and then tune in on August 28th at 1p.m. EST (5p.m. UTC) for the their full-blown tales of fails.

Explorer’s Analysis: Inside Key Issues of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

Palestinian and Israeli negotiators are back at the table for their first peace talks in years, to be mediated by United States Secretary of State John F. Kerry. Israeli settlement expansion in the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem halted attempts at peace talks in 2010, and continued expansion as well as the handling of existing…

Epic Fails–NatGeo Explorers Tell All

Join our upcoming Google+ Hangout on Air with scientists and adventures revealing the chilling, thrilling, and surprisingly useful failures they’ve faced in the field.

What Can Your Brain Do?

Join Jason Silva, host of “Brain Games,” for a live Google+ Hangout on Air to explore the amazing abilities of the human brain and how technology is allowing us to do even more.

Hangout With NG Channel “Brain Games” Host Jason Silva

Ever wanted to stop Jason Silva’s mind-bending videos and just ask him what in the world he’s talking about? Well now you can. Join us for a live Hangout July 23 at 1 p.m. ET.

1,000 Miles Down Baja California in 2 Minutes

A few days ago we received this video from two of our Young Explorers, Justin DeShields and Bryan Morales, who are walking and paddle boarding the entire length of Baja California. Soon after, we got word that the team just finished their exhaustive and daring journey that began almost exactly four months ago! Read more about their zany travels and enjoy this 2:27 minute video of eclectic iphone footage taken along the way.

Memorial Day: A Vietnam Veteran’s Story

A holiday weekend for lounging by the lakeside, department store sales, and catching up on neglected errands, we approach Memorial Day with the same glee reserved for all 3-day weekends. Yet as we kick off the start of summer with friends and BBQ, we ought take a quick moment to remember the day’s sobering purpose. Here’s why.

Announcing the 2013 Class of Emerging Explorers

This year marks an unprecedented class of diverse and uniquely talented explorers. A roboticist, an astrobiologist, a glaciologist, a planetary geologist, an entrepreneur and an artist are among the 17 visionary, young trailblazers from around the world. Meet the 2013 Class of Emerging Explorers.

Hangout With Buzz Aldrin and Conrad Anker

How far would you go to push the bounds of discovery? What would you risk? From the top of Mount Everest to the surface of the Moon, astronaut Buzz Aldrin and mountaineer Conrad Anker have risked their lives to undertake humankind’s most stunning achievements.

Revenge of the Fifth: Explorer Maimed by Wookiee For Winning “Chess” Game

Only one day after discovering the mystic and elusive species known as the “Wookiee”, famed explorer Alphaeus Blackburn is reported to be in critical condition after a game of “galactic chess” quickly turned violent.

Inside Look at “Giant Boa Eats Iguana” Video

Recently, our video editors here at NG came across some footage that was flagged for viewing. Submitted by National Geographic Explorer and capuchin monkey specialist Susan Perry, we expected the video to be of monkeys doing something intriguing or goofy. We were completely wrong. Susan, a UCLA professor currently based in Bagaces, Costa Rica studying the…

Earth Day Hangout Kicks Off Week-Long Series

Following April 22nd’s kick-off Earth Day Hangout on Air, National Geographic will launch of series of daily Hangouts- each one tackling a key environmental issue.

Hangout Underwater in the Great Barrier Reef

This Earth Day, National Geographic is teaming up with NASA and Catlin Seaview Survey to bring you a Google+ Hangout that explores the land, sea, and sky.

At the Epicenter of Danger: Chasing ‘Super Storms’

This Earth Day, National Geographic is teaming up with NASA and Catlin Seaview Survey to bring you a Google+ Hangout that explores the land, sea, and sky.

Hangout With Explorers of Land, Sea, and Sky on Earth Day

This Earth Day, National Geographic is teaming up with NASA and Catlin Seaview Survey to explore the land, sea, and sky