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Melody Kramer

Melody Kramer writes and edits pieces for both National Geographic's magazine and website. She tweets @mkramer.

Celebrating NASA’s Curiosity’s First Birthday (Live!)

The drama for Curiosity began with so-called “the seven minutes of terror,” landing operation that involved rocket burns to slow down Curiosity from its 13,000 mph (21,000 km per hour) interplanetary cruising speed to a harrowing sky crane maneuver that allowed the rover to be gingerly lowered to the surface. (Read: “Top 5 First Year…

‘This Is The End’ Has Everything Nat Geo Loves, from Sinkholes to Milky Way (Bars)

By the end of This Is The End, I had tears in my eyes – from laughing so hard – and a sinking feeling in my stomach. You see, I had been assigned to cover this particular movie by Marc, my editor at National Geographic, a publication that prides itself on presenting a balanced view…

Celebrating Julius Richard Petri: A Man, A Dish, A Google Doodle

Google honors researcher Julius Richard Petri with a Doodle today, on his 161st birthday. Petri invented the mainstay of microbiology labs everywhere, the petri dish.

Liveblogging Google Glass at National Geographic

This morning, National Geographic employees are getting the chance to see Google Glass — the futuristic, wearable headgear that allows people to see the world through the eyes of Google — from inside our own auditorium. The glasses can record video and capture photos as well as search the web and see directions — all…

When You Listen To Bach, What Color Do You See?

Put on a Bach concerto and close your eyes. Now picture a color. What color do you see? If it’s a fast Bach concerto in a major key, it’s likely you’ll picture a color that’s more saturated and brighter — like a red or a yellow. And if it’s a slower Bach piece, you’ll likely…